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 Barbera was born in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy centuries ago. Since then, many countries around the world are growing this red wine grape. California is having amazing success. That is why we purchase fresh Barbera grapes from California and turn them into delicious wine. We believe that Barbera is at its best after aging in oak barrels for 6-8 months. This is the perfect amount of time to tame the bitter youthful flavors while still retaining its natural fruitiness. Hints of sour cherry and strawberries with a tinge of vanilla make this medium-bodied red wine an excellent companion to many simple, low-spiced foods with Italian dishes leading the way: think pizza, pasta and meatball sandwiches. Barbera also pairs well with grilled burgers, roast beef, stews and vegetable dishes such as lentil or bean soups.
Vintage 2012
Size 750 ml
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$22.00 per Bottle
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