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A Continued Saga of Passion and Tradition

Island Winery began as an unexpected encounter in the early 1980s when Loren and Georgene Mortimer stumbled upon their shared love for fine wines during their college days at Ithaca College. What started as casual dates exploring the vineyards of New York's Finger Lakes Wine Region blossomed into a lifelong passion. Loren's quest for exceptional wines found a perfect match in Georgene, whose upbringing in a bustling Italian household steeped in winemaking traditions infused their union with a deep appreciation for the art of crafting fine wines.

Westfall Winery

In 2001, once their children were off to college, Loren and Georgene began transitioning their hobby into a family business by establishing Westfall Winery on Loren’s family farm, the historic Westfall Farm in Montague, NJ. Their wines received acclaim, and Westfall Winery became known as a great destination for many living throughout the tri-state area of NY, NJ, and PA.

Westfall Farm

A Haven for Wine Enthusiasts

Like many northerners, Loren and Georgene were drawn to Hilton Head Island's charm, enjoying its beauty and warmth during the winter. In 2005, Island Winery became their dream come true—a place for wine lovers to gather on the island. Splitting their time between New Jersey and South Carolina, they delved into the world of Low Country winemaking, blending traditional methods with new flavors.

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Commitment to Excellence

Completed in 2020, Loren and Georgene oversaw the custom construction of their own building - a red barn reminiscent of their family farm in New Jersey and the many classic red barns seen during their early trips to the Finger Lakes. This building not only showcases our meticulously crafted wine selections but also offers picturesque views, outdoor seating, and hosts events in our new Low Country home. Reflecting our genuine appreciation for the setting, it embodies our tradition as a family-owned business, thriving through the enduring passion of past and future generations.

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